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Green Computing

Green Computing refers to use of computers in environmental sustainable way. It encourages the business organizations to use the computer resources in more efficient way to reduce the use of power for operational and maintenance of these IT equipments.

The usage of electricity and emission of heat to the environment has been increased due to increase use of computers and computer servers for business automation. Therefore, it is required additional amount of electricity for cooling the computers and servers to protect the equipment’s by heat. The total usage of energy has been increased during past few years especially in Sri Lanka due to the rapid increase of IT usage. This has resulted extra demand in electricity from national electricity grid which is the common issue in the world today. Therefore, the necessity of Green Computing has become more and more popular and essential.
Your Contribution
Reduce the usage of un-wanted computers and servers
Save lot of energy for the country.
Reduce emision of heat to the environment.
The Benefits
Reducing the operational cost of business automation.
Increasing the revenue of your organization

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